Hazardous Chemical Waste Disposal

We employ a specialist team of chemists to pack and label hazardous chemicals ready for removal. Our trained ADR drivers will then transport the waste to a registered waste station, and we provide full documentation for your peace of mind.

Chemical Waste is a Waste of Space!

SciChem offers a hassle-free, professional, flexible waste disposal service.

We deal with everything from one-off small laboratory disposals to bulk clearance contracts& leaving you free to get on with the numerous other things you need to do.

We are totally committed to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation, and we recycle wherever possible.

How the Service Works:

Just provide us with a complete list of chemicals you wish to dispose of including full chemical name, weight and quantity. We will then:

  • Provide a quote
  • Arrange a convenient collection date and time*
  • On the day, pack your waste chemicals using UN approved packing materials and labels
  • Provide the relevant Section 62 documents
  • Transport from your site using licensed vehicles
  • On request, issue a certificate of safe disposal or treatment of your waste

For a quote or further information please contact customer services on 01902 402402 quoting Waste Disposal.

Alternatively fax your list to 01902 402343 or e-mail Customer Services for more information

(UK mainland only)

*Please note that SciChem must inform the Environment Agency five days prior to collection, therefore it will normally take 10 - 14 days from receipt of your order before we can collect and dispose of your waste.