Microscope Servicing

Do your microscopes need a health check?

Our engineers have found that when they service microscopes that have been in prolonged use, nearly all of them are in need of repair. The faults vary in severity and number, but regardless of this, a microscope that is functioning below par results in:

  • Unsuccessful practicals - Wasted resources
  • Poor student experience - Wasted time
  • Get the best out of your Microscopes

For peace of mind contact us today to arrange your microscope servicing. Alternatively, take advantage of our servicing plan & sign up for a service contract and enjoy the benefits of a scheduled annual service.

Volume service discounts are available

Our fully trained engineers will arrange your service at a time that is convenient for you. With your prior permission, they will carry out minor repairs and equipment levelling as required.

The service includes:

  • Cleaning of optics
  • Lubrication of mechanisms
  • Full electrical check
  • Full repair service available including new parts

Common problems with microscopes seen by our engineers include:

  • Faults with illumination eg. bulb, fuse, quick blow fuse, rheostat or switch
  • Focusing mechanism and / or mechanical stage difficult to move
  • Scratched, cracked or dirty eyepiece and / or objective lens
  • Dried out immersion oil on the objective lens
  • Fungi on the optical surfaces
  • Damaged power cable
  • Stage drift

For further information or to request a personal quotation please call 01902 402402 and ask for Microscope Servicing or e-mail Customer Services for more information