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These brand new Augmented Reality Cards bring animals and dinosaurs to life, and allow for an amazing space exploration experience.

Simply download the FREE app for each set of cards, scan the cards and let the fun begin!

Animal 4D+ Cards  

Examine different types of animals and witness them come to life.

Have an elephant on the palm of your hand, or maybe you'd prefer a lion instead?!

Find out more about the Animal 4D+ Cards

Animal 4D+ Food Cards

Use this set with the Animal 4D+ Cards to feed the animals.

Each animal will only eat its associated food; enhancing pupils' knowledge and imagination.

Find out more about the Animal 4D+ Food Cards

Dinosaur 4D+ Cards

Watch dinosaurs leap out from the flahcards and take you back to ancient times! 

Spot the origins of dinosaurs and simply tap to see them in action.

Find out more about the Dinosaur 4D+ Cards


Space 4D+ Cards

Pupils can spin the planets like a globe, see the differences between the planets in size, and even control the rovers on the Moon or Mars! 

Find out more about the Space 4D+ Cards

Wireless Sensors

Freedom and flexibility without compromise

Cutting-edge technology, extremely easy-to-use, and completely affordable.

Datalogging has never been as cost-effective to implement!

The new Wireless Sensor range from PASCO is ideal for use in Primary schools - no cables to clutter the classroom, connect your sensor instantly to your iPad, Android Tablet or Desktop/Laptop, record data in real time and transmit it directly to your computer, tablet, iPad or smartphone.

...Just some of the benefits of these brand new sensors from PASCO - brought to you exclusively in the UK by SciChem.


What's more is that PASCO's SPARKvue App is available to download for FREE! Simply visit the App Store, Google Play or Chrome Web Store to start datalogging today!

Now Available

Wireless Temperature Sensor

Students can access instant temperature readings and continuously monitor, log, and plot temperature data in SPARKvue on nearly any connected device. When class-time ends students can set the sensor to log data autonomously for days or weeks and then download the data for analysis.

The Teaching Advantage

  • Simplicity: just pair and go
  • Variable sampling rate
  • Logs temperature data directly onto the sensor for long-term experiments

Supplied With:

  • Coin cell battery

Catalogue No Pasco Code Description Price
PAS 200 530  PS-3201  Wireless Temperature Sensor  GBP36.55

Wireless Force Acceleration Sensor

Capable of measuring force, acceleration, and rotation, this sensor is ideal for experiments involving rotating platforms, moving carts, spring oscillations, collisions, and impulse. The wireless design offers improved measurements without a cable to affect the outcome of your experiment.
Finger-holes support handheld applications, or mount it onto a cart or rod.

The Teaching Advantage

  • Simultaneously measures force and acceleration: Measures acceleration in x, y, and z axes and resultant acceleration; built-in gyroscope measures rotation
  • Features convenient Bluetooth wireless connectivity and long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Probe can be quickly zeroed via the software for accurate taring
  • Logs force and acceleration data directly onto the sensor for long-term experiments

Supplied With:

  • Eye bolt
  • Thumb screw
  • Bumper Lithium-ion battery
  • USB connector

Catalogue No Pasco Code Description Price
PAS 200 500 PS-3202 Wireless Force Acceleration Sensor GBP93.50

Wireless pH Sensor

This sensor measures the pH of a solution as discrete measurements or as a continuous reading. Use the probe to study water quality, test household solutions, or perform high-resolution acid-base titrations.

The Teaching Advantage

  • High resolution with low noise allows even subtle pH changes to be observed
  • Factory calibration lets students get right to data collection, with optional user calibration supported
  • Uses durable, accurate gel-filled Ag-Ag CI electrode
  • Features convenient Bluetooth® wireless connectivity and long-lasting coin cell battery
  • Logs pH data directly onto the sensor for long-term experiments

Supplied With:

  • Direct-connect pH probe with storage bottle
  • Coin cell battery

Catalogue No Pasco Code Description Price
PAS 200 510 PS-3204 Wireless pH Sensor GBP55.25

Wireless Pressure Sensor

With the new Wireless Pressure Sensor you can make accurate and consistent measurements of gas pressure, regardless of ambient conditions, and explore how chemical reactions affect gas pressure. In combination with a Temperature Probe, you can study the Ideal Empirical Gas Laws.

The Teaching Advantage

  • Measures pressure relative to an internal sealed reference vacuum, which allows the collection of reliable data even when the pressure within the system drops below ambient pressure
  • Supports common units (kPa, atm, psi, mmHg, or N/m2) for many applications
  • Features Bluetooth wireless connectivity and long-lasting rechargeable battery


Range: 0-400 kPa
Resolution: 0.1 kPa
Accuracy: 2 kPa

Supplied With:

  • Polyurethane plastic tubing, 60cm
  • 1x Tube connector
  • 2x Male barbed luer locks
  • Female barbed luer lock
  • 1x 60cc syringe
  • Lithium ion battery
  • USB connector

Catalogue No Pasco Code Description Price
PAS 200 520 PS-3203 Wireless Pressure Sensor GBP65.45

But this is just the beginning.

Coming in Summer 2016:

  • Wireless Voltage
  • Wireless Current
  • Wireless Conductivity
  • Wireless Light

And still more to come!