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Software for interactive visualisation and analysis

SPARKvue fully supports the learning process.
SPARKvue software is a science tool and state-of-the-art learning environment all in one. SPARKvue offers a full suite of display options, from graphs and meters to digits and tables. Powerful analysis tools are always available at the touch of a finger…but never in the way. And SPARKvue creates opportunities for student reflection at every step, with the option to save a journal snapshot of work, including written observations, with just a touch of a finger.

SPARKvue is plug-and-learn.
Simply connect any of the more than 70 PASPORT Sensors to your SPARKlink or SPARK Science Learning System and immediately begin collecting data and seeing live measurements. It's powerful, yet simple - the way all probeware should be.

What Students Can Do with SPARKvue
• Make predictions before collecting data
• Display the results of their tests
• Graph their data
• Compare actual results with predicted results
• Reflect on the unexpected
• Save a snapshot of work

What Teachers Can Do with SPARKvue
• Give interactive lessons using live data and rich media
• Hold collaborative reviews of students' results and findings
• Prompt student reflection with embedded questions
• Assess student learning at any time
• Select your own measurements and display data your way
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