Friction surfaces

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For the determination of the coefficient of kinematic and static friction, mechanical advantage and efficiency of an inclined plane. Comprises hardwood inclined plane 600 x 100mm (L x W), fitted with a pulley 22mm (dia.) at the free end. It is hinged to a horizontal polished wooden base 450 x 100mm (L x W), which is fitted with an aluminium arc graduated both vertically and angularly. The Inclined Plane can be fixed at any angle up to 45埠or at a suitable height with a clamping wing unit. Supplied with a cylindrical plated metal roller (weight 500g, length 50mm); two wooden blocks 200 x 75mm and 100 x 75mm (L x W); a steel block 100 x 75mm (L x W); a scale pan 75mm (dia.); cord and a hook. Friction Surfaces Four plates offering five very different surfaces for use with friction studies on inclined planes. Each surface measures 590 x 75mm to suit the Inclined Plane (XMC 465 011). Surfaces available are carpet, glass paper, rubber, shiny plastic and matt plastic. Secure to ramp with elastic bands top and bottom.
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DescriptionFriction Surfaces
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