Electric paint jar - conductive paint

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A great way for beginners and experienced users alike to engage with electronics in a whole new way.
Draw circuits, solder components and repair devices on a range of surfaces with this electrically conductive paint. Non-toxic, air-drying. Works great on many materials including paper, plastic, textiles and conventional electronics and provides a great platform for discovering, playing, repairing and designing with electronics
• Can be used as both a liquid wire and a conductive adhesive
• Non-toxic, solvent free and water soluble
• Once applied the paint dries quickly at room temperature
• Can be removed with soap and water
• A great prototyping tool for makers of all age
Works with: Electrical components, prototyping materials, PCBs, microcontrollers (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, MaKey MaKey, LilyPad, FLORA), e-textiles, and conductive thread.
Electric Paint Pen
This handy pen allows you to draw circuits and attach small components to your projects.
UPDATED FOR 2015: now easier to use, cleaner, more precise and has a much higher quality finish.
Electric Paint Jar
This handy material allows you to paint and screen print capacitive surfaces.
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DescriptionElectric Paint Jar
Pk Qty50ml