Colour vision perception kit

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Have fun with colour vision! Conduct tests to see who can and cannot see colours normally and experience what it's like to be colour blind. Start off with the 'hidden image' cards. Look at the coloured dots and if you see normally, you will make out a simple image. These images have been carefully selected for younger children. Flip the cards over and see a vivid scribble.

The kit includes special colour filters. When you lay one of the colour filters over the scribble, an image 'magically' appears. These images will appear for both normal sighted and colour blind students. It's a fun way to learn about camouflage! 8 cards show images that have been altered to give normal sighted students an opportunity to see what colour blind people experience. The kit is a great way to introduce a serious issue.

Cards are 15cm. Colour filters are 13cm. Includes a complete teacher's guide. 24 double-sided cards, 6 colour filters.
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DescriptionColour Vision Perception Kit
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